AKM Archive

The Austrian organization AKM (Authors-Composers-Music Publishers) was founded in 1897 as a state-approved societyto ensure comprehensive representation of copyright. Due to its age, it includes over 100 years of Austrian music historyto date, as well as works by composers from geographical regions that were still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time. Through the submission of specimen copies, its inventory contains a rich, predominantly untouched collection ofmusic. After its integration into the NS apparatus, it was re-established in 1945.

In addition to some specimen copies of well-known composers such as Franz Lehár or Kurt Weill, the inventory also includes those for popular music such as Schlager or Wiener Lied, as well as dance music, arrangements for various salon orchestra formations, or arrangements for brass orchestras. The university library estimates a total inventory of around 60,000 copies – predominantly sheet music – of which slightly more than 10,000 copies have been incorporated into the library’s holdings as of April 2024.


The uncataloged inventory is at least based on the classification into work groups in terms of genre. 

  • Group 1 = fully cataloged: piano reductions and scores up to approx. 1920
  • Group 2 = partially cataloged: largest group, period from 1920 to 1960, predominantly thin booklets of popular music
  • Group 3 = not cataloged, unknown
  • Groups 4 and 6 = not cataloged, performance materials for various salon orchestras
  • Group 5 = not cataloged, arrangements for brass orchestras
  • Groups 7 and 8 = not cataloged, brass music
  • Group 9 and beyond = not cataloged, music from 1960 onwards

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